A unique fence

We worked with customer Tim Eves to supply a traditional alternative to standard fencing. Tim wanted a traditional rustic fence to compliment his beautiful  garden and backdrop over the stunning Cornish landscape. So….Wainwright Timber supplied 120 cm larch boards and sent them to beautiful Cornwall. We LOVE how Tim has installed his fence and we hope it inspires you too. Chat to us today about your next project on 07846 794670 or info@wainwrighttimber.co.uk

fence-pics-2-tim-eves--495x400 A unique fence

Need a new office space?

Adam wanted to build a garden office, so we supplied him with some waney edge larch cladding. Adam then built this amazing garden office – it looks so cosy! Thanks for sharing Adam, we also LOVE the roof. Feeling inspired then give us a call on 07846 794670 and tell us about your next project.

ps. Here is what Adam said…

‘Hi Rebecca every time I look at it I’m so happy I bought the cladding of you as it looks great in its setting and natural just the way I wanted it. Hopefully I can show others what it can be used for, very happy. Looking forward to watching it turn into a lovely silver grey over the years.”

Adam-office- Need a new office space?

Looking for a natural, rustic looking roof?

A recent cladding customer was keen to add a natural looking roof to their outdoor building and asked us for a solution. Voilà… Well done Tom for milling 321 larch roof tiles which are now on their way to the beautiful Island of Anglesey! Feeling inspired? Our larch roof tiles are 500 mm long, 150 mm wide and 10 mm thick at 66p each. We estimate you need aprox 33.3 tiles per m2 (5 tiles deep – with a 300 mm overlap – and aprox 6.6 tiles wide). And they are priced at £21.97 per m2. Speak to us today on 07846 794670 or email into@wainwrighttimber.co.uk

IMG_0080-300x300 Looking for a natural, rustic looking roof?

Larch cladding roof tiles


It’s great to see our oak beams used in situ….

A big thank you to Stu in Northumberland for sending over the pictures and also taking the time to explain how he fixed it!

Stu explains… “2×2 supports were fixed into the beam with 2 x 150mm coach screws each, these 2×2 supports were then fixed to the studding with 3 to 4 75mm screws each. So in all aprox 36 fixings holding the beam in place, it did weigh a ton so figured belt and braces approach was best!”

Feeling inspired? Drop us an email at info@wainwrighttimber.co.uk with details of your project. We will then send you a quote and pictures of a suitable beam.

IMG_0546-300x300 It's great to see our oak beams used in situ....


It’s cladding time!

It’s definitely cladding time! This week over 250 m2 of our traditional waney edge larch cladding is being delivered to various places including 200 m2 for the Tal y Cafn Hotel in Wales! Feeling inspired? With the cooler weather on it’s way (meaning the boards retain their moisture content for longer) now is a great time to clad your outdoor buildings. Speak to us today on 07846 794670 for a free no obligation quote.


IMG_6237-timber-trailor-300x225 It's cladding time! IMG_6237-timber-trailor-300x225 It's cladding time!



We love to see our timber used in public parks and open spaces. Here is our timber being used in Northwich Town Centre – providing a great seating area for busy shoppers to sit down and relax!



Need a sample?

We recently sent a sample of our single waney edge larch cladding to Lancashire Oak who then went on to build the stunning garage below. We love to see our cladding used in such a great way!  If you would like to see a sample of our timber or chat through any project please pick up the phone and call Rebecca on 07846 794670.

Oak-Frame-timber-cladding-2 Need a sample?e

New WTTS Cheshire Ltd headquarters and a new larch fence!

Following our recent move to Oakdean Farm, we have been busy building a larch fence with our double waney edge larch cladding, using the boards horizontally and overlapping them by a couple of inches on either side. The result is a traditional rustic fence which will look great as it ages naturally over time.

cladding-fence-at-Oakdene-Farm- New WTTS Cheshire Ltd headquarters and a new larch fence!