From WTTS Sawmill to Andy Burgess Wood Sculpture to Nando’s!

It’s always a pleasure to supply timber to the very talented Andy Burgess Wood Sculpture.

We have been working with Andy for a few years now and recently supplied him with the timber for this very cool bench in Nando’s Crewe! We not only sourced the timber but also helped him with the end delivery.

If you need some quality timber then give us a call on 07774 799935. We would love to hear about your project and help source the best timber for you!

IMG_5459-Crewe-Nandoes-300x225 From WTTS Sawmill to Andy Burgess Wood Sculpture to Nando's!

Treat your birds nicely this Easter

We recently supplied 30 m2 of our double waney edge larch cladding to a joiner in Knutsford.

He used it to build this impressive hen house for some very lucky hens! We think this is one of the most coolest hen houses we have ever seen! If you are feeling inspired then give us a call on 07846 794670 and tell us about your project and let us quote for your timber!BeFunky-Collage-300x300 Treat your birds nicely this Easter

Traditional rustic waney edge larch cladding

IMG_7411-copy Traditional rustic waney edge larch cladding We love helping people with their out door projects, from summer houses to log piles we send timber across the North West and UK for a diverse range of projects.

For the last few months we have been busy milling one of our biggest selling products, our waney edge cladding and sending it around the UK (via our trusty courier John) to be used in a number of ways. Recent examples include:

Supplying a local farm shop with cladding for their ‘fishmongers’ pictured above.

Sending 60 m2 of our single waney edge larch cladding to North Yorkshire where a talented furniture maker used it to clad the eves of his house whilst also making a new home for the local swifts!

Other example include a great French guy called Eric who used 46 m2 of our popular double waney edge larch cladding to make an amazing summer house for his customer in Macclesfield.

We recently also milled some traditional oak cladding for a stunning wedding venue in Cheshire who clad the roof of their wedding barn offering  a funky contemporary alternative to plaster!

And lets not forget John and Pam Lyons in Bury who popped down to see us in Elworth, Sandbach to choose their cladding to refresh the the front of their house!

This is just to name a few! At WTTS Cheshire Ltd we are so fortunate that we sell timber to some really nice people! From the initial enquiry to the final delivery it’s a real team effort between the customer and us. And the feedback we get from our customers is that they value the great customer service and also the high quality of the timber.

For more examples please go to our Facebook and Twitter pages and please give us a shout to discuss your next project on 07846 794670.


Timber landscape and sculptural featurers

IMG_2935 Timber landscape and sculptural featurers

We recently worked with Trafford Council (greater Manchester) to help inspire and install a multifunctional seating and play feature. We met with their landscape architect and discussed options including the various types of materials and designs available, and then worked in partnership to deliver an attractive and functional solution.

The park now has a new feature that the local community can enjoy and feel proud of. A creative alternative to the more traditional metal seating as seen in some local parks.

We love working in collaboration with our clients and the local community, ensuring from the initial brief to end installation everyone’s ideas and needs are taken into account.

Woodland Management

IMG_3330 Woodland Management

The Rangers at Tatton asked WTTS to help thin an area of woodland that had become overcrowded with fast growing species such as Larch, Sycamore and Rhododendron.

Working in partnership with the rangers, WTTS’s team of experienced tree-surgeons ensured the work was carried out in a timely and sensitive mannor with minimum disruption to wildlife and visitors to the park.

WTTS removed the timber from the park and used established contacts to find the best end use of the timber, helping to off-set the final costs of the removal. Further contributing to the continued growth and development of this historic woodland.


Timber processing

WTTS are ideally placed within the aboricultural industry to source and mill quality pieces of timber. In 2014 WTTS invested in a sawmill which now regularly mills bespoke beams, boards and cladding for a wide range of customers, as well as providing material for many WTTS projects.

Recent examples include a restaurant in Birmingham required a unique and rustic alternative to the standard wooden laminated counter and table tops . The client briefed WTTS who responded with a document including ideas, images and a budget for sign-off. Once agreed WTTS  selected a piece of Cheshire yew (felled by WTTS)  then milled, cut and tapered the counter tops and tables to the clients exact specifications before shipping them to Birmingham. The client was delighted and his establishment now has the real ‘wow’ factor when customers walk in.

Other examples include our rustic waney edge larch cladding being used across the UK for a wide variety of out-door buildings including a ‘man den’ in Glasgow (image below), children’s play houses in Portsmouth and tree house in Cheshire to name a few!

man-cave Timber processing

Whether you are considering a small bespoke project or a large outdoor construction project,  please give us a call to discuss your requirements. Our trained project managers can guide you through the whole process whilst ensuring you get the best quality timber for the job.