Timber processing

WTTS are ideally placed within the aboricultural industry to source and mill quality pieces of timber. In 2014 WTTS invested in a sawmill which now regularly mills bespoke beams, boards and cladding for a wide range of customers, as well as providing material for many WTTS projects.

Recent examples include a restaurant in Birmingham required a unique and rustic alternative to the standard wooden laminated counter and table tops . The client briefed WTTS who responded with a document including ideas, images and a budget for sign-off. Once agreed WTTS  selected a piece of Cheshire yew (felled by WTTS)  then milled, cut and tapered the counter tops and tables to the clients exact specifications before shipping them to Birmingham. The client was delighted and his establishment now has the real ‘wow’ factor when customers walk in.

Other examples include our rustic waney edge larch cladding being used across the UK for a wide variety of out-door buildings including a ‘man den’ in Glasgow (image below), children’s play houses in Portsmouth and tree house in Cheshire to name a few!

man-cave Timber processing

Whether you are considering a small bespoke project or a large outdoor construction project,  please give us a call to discuss your requirements. Our trained project managers can guide you through the whole process whilst ensuring you get the best quality timber for the job.