Going the extra mile…

Sometimes we have to go the extra mile to get timber out of the woods, but it’s always worth it when we see the amazing things our customers make 1f333 Going the extra mile...

1f333 Going the extra mile...

The bench that makes you FEEL GOOD…

For this year’s RHS Flower Show Tatton Park, we were asked by Cheshire’s Gardens of Distinction to design a bench that makes people ‘FEEL GOOD’! The brief asked for a bench for show-goers to sit down, relax, connect with friends and family and learn something new.

We decided to use fallen timber from Delamere Forest after Storm Doris blew into the Forest early this year, bringing down many trees with her 90-mile an hour winds. The idea is to create an oasis of calm out of nature’s destruction.

Using galvanised legs for a hardwearing contemporary look, the bench also includes two smaller benches to sit on and a selection of rustic larch stools.

Choosing timber from Delamere Forest, which is a place for families to let off steam, escape the crowds and find peace in the heart of Cheshire also resonates with the benches ‘connect with friends and family’ theme. We all know how important it is to sit down with family and friends, enjoy good food and catch-up, especially in today’s hectic world.

Working in partnership worth Fryers Roses in Knutsford,  the central area of the table, which follows the natural grain of the larch timber, was planted with a selection of herbs and plants to stimulate body and mind.

Over the show we watched visitors sit down, relax, meet friends and learn something new  - all proven ways to make you FEEL GOOD. And we LOVED it when Mr & Mrs Flora popped by!!

RHD-table-and-flower-people--300x225 The bench that makes you FEEL GOOD...

Why have boring sleepers when you can have these 12ft beauties… Fresh off the mill?

We recently milled these bespoke sleepers for a project at a local children’s nursery. We often get asked to mill fresh timber for clients individual projects, when they are looking for some quality timber that is a ‘bit different’ or they have a specific specification in .  Feel free to give us a call, we love hearing about your projects and finding solutions to our customers needs and requirements.

db780fa9-7893-43c9-b10a-5dcdd762cf7b-300x225 Why have boring sleepers when you can have these 12ft beauties... Fresh off the mill?

Larch cladding and a beautiful Buxton backdrop

Thanks for sharing your fab new project and your beautiful Buxton backdrop with us Mark Flett. Mark used 15 m2 of our double waney edge larch cladding for his outdoor building. Feeling inspired? Speak to Rebecca on 07846 794670.

Screen-Shot-2017-05-09-at-21.48.08-300x300 Larch cladding and a beautiful Buxton backdrop

Softwood thinning in Tatton Park

For a number of years we have worked with the team at Tatton Park to help maintain and manage the wonderful historic woodland.  It’s one of our favourite work places and it’s also a privilege to be part of the woodlands future.

Our current woodland thinning project at Tatton not only helps to provide excellent firewood, but also produces fantastic sawlogs for our mill. Check out some pictures of Pete and Rod busy in the Park today.

If you have any woodland management requirements and would like to see your timber put to the best possible use, please pick up the phone and chat to Richard on 07774 799935 or email Richard@wainwrighttimber.co.uk.

IMG_1053-300x225 Softwood thinning in Tatton ParkIMG_1053-300x225 Softwood thinning in Tatton Park

IMG_1053-300x225 Softwood thinning in Tatton ParkIMG_1053-300x225 Softwood thinning in Tatton Park

Oak Beam & Matching Owls!

We love it when our customers send pictures of our oak beams in situ, especially when they use the offcuts for matching owls!! Our customer  fixed the beam to the wall with a custom made bracket which is rebated into the beam, 100mm wide flat steel plate 1000mm long with six x 120mm 15mm steel round bar pins. He then gave the remaining 1/3 of the beam to a friend who created a matching pair of owls for two posts on his gate field, brilliant!

   IMG_1224-225x300 Oak Beam & Matching Owls! IMG_1224-225x300 Oak Beam & Matching Owls!

Whose round is it…

IMG_6958-300x225 Whose round is it...

English Character Yew Bar

Thanks to Dan for sharing his yew bar pictures. Dan choose some of our seasoned English character yew boards and made himself this attractive and well stocked bar! Feeling inspired, speak to us today about our English character yew boards.

Completely larch!

Rowan-best-pic-845x540 Completely larch!

Waney edge larch cladding

Look what happens when you buy our larch waney edge cladding and our larch roof tiles….. and you add a very talented customer Rowan… You get this stunning rustic retreat. Rowan ordered 30 m2 of our single waney edge larch cladding and 13 m2 of our larch roof tiles and we LOVE what he has created. The perfect space to sit back and  relax in beautiful Anglesey.